Sarah Steelman’s Record

by Ramesh Ponnuru

In a recent post about the Missouri Republican Senate primary to be held tomorrow, I wrote, “The polls in the Republican primary have been fluid, and it seems as though businessman John Brunner, Representative Todd Akin, and former state treasurer Sarah Steelman are all in serious contention one week before the vote. Conservatives are split. Steelman has Sarah Palin’s endorsement, for example, while the Chamber of Commerce is blasting her voting record on taxes, tort reform, and economic conservatism generally.”

The Steelman campaign contacted me after my post, to give me her side of the story against the Chamber’s attacks. The campaign’s response ignores the criticism that the state Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Independent Business both gave her low ratings for a Republican. But it makes the point that on many issues, Steelman has been on the side of economic conservatives.

The most recent poll, by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, has Brunner at 35 percent, Akin at 30, and Steelman at 25. Akin, as I wrote in that earlier post, is the candidate that Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill and her allies seem to want to run against.

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