Whom Does the Establishment Want for Secretary of State . . .

by Rich Lowry

. . . if Romney wins? Apparently, Richard Haass and Nick Burns, among others. Les Gelb, formerly of CFR and the New York Times, laid it out a little while ago in this post

Almost certainly, however, Romney’s possibles include Robert Zoellick, the outgoing president of the World Bank; Stephen Hadley, national security adviser to George W. Bush; and Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations (an organization familiar to this author). All held senior jobs in recent Republican administrations.

Don’t count out two big surprises, neither identified with a political party: William Burns, the current deputy secretary of state; and Nicholas Burns, who held the No. 3 job at State under Condi Rice. Bill and Nick—both Irish, but unrelated—have impressive skills.

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