A Summit Where the Air Is Foul

by Jay Nordlinger

Before this spring, I was not very good at telling my Guineas apart: Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea. (Papua New Guinea is something else, far from Africa.) Then I met Tutu Alicante. This was at the Oslo Freedom Forum. Alicante is a wonderful guy who heads EG Justice — a group dedicated to human rights in Equatorial Guinea, which has been ruled and brutalized by a dictator named Obiang for a very long time.

There is a group called the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, whose chairman of the board is Andrew Young. They are planning to hold their big “summit” in Equatorial Guinea, as guests of Obiang — who funds them. The Human Rights Foundation, sister organization of the Oslo Freedom Forum, has pleaded, “No.” HRF is all over the case, and it’s a fascinating case. For the latest from HRF — an invaluable organization across the board — go here.

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