Montana Governor: ‘I Can’t Turn the Heart of a 45-Year-Old Redneck’

by Betsy Woodruff

Heads up, guys: Montana is full of racists. At least, that’s what the state’s governor, Brian Schweitzer, said in a speech to Ohio Democrats as he explained his decision to make Montana schoolchildren study American-Indian history as well as U.S. history. has the story:

Why did Schweitzer shepherd the innovative and groundbreaking program? Well, because Montanans are a bunch of white, racist rednecks – the governor’s words.

“All over Montana, you can walk into a bar, a café or even a school or a courthouse and just listen for a while as people talk to each other,” Schweitzer explained, shortly after noting 93 percent of his state’s population is classified as Caucasian. “And you will hear somebody, before very long, say something outrageously racist about the people who’ve lived in Montana for 10,000 years.”

The governor delivered the program to sway the minds and hearts of Treasure State youngsters. “So, I decided, I can’t turn the heart of a 45-year-old redneck,” Schweitzer said.

Montana parents must be happy to know the hearts of their would-be racist children are in good hands.

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