Gingrich: Welfare-Reform Act Shouldn’t Be Changed

by Katrina Trinko

Newt Gingrich argued today that the proposed changes to welfare reform should be seen as unacceptable.

“The fact is that secton 407 was written not to be waivable,” Gingrich stated in a conference call with reporters today sponsored by the RNC. 

“The hardcore liberals like Barack Obama were deeply opposed to the bill,” Gingrich added, “and even after Bill Clinton agreed to sign the final version, half the Democratic party in the House voted no and if you go back and read what they were saying, there’s a deep, deep bitter opposition to work requirements on the hard-core left.”

He also had praise for Clinton, who signed the welfare-reform bill into law.

“In many ways, Obama is the anti-Clinton,” Gingrich remarked, saying Clinton moved the Democrats to the center, while Obama has moved the party leftward. “I hope every American when they watch Bill Clinton speak [at the convention] will realize how much weaker and less effective a president Obama is than the man who is nominating him.”

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