Re: Medicaid Is in Bad Shape, and Getting Worse

by Avik Roy

Dan Foster highlighted a piece by Chris Jacobs, an indispensable health-policy blogger working for Senator Jim DeMint (S.C.). Chris’s post discussed, among other things, a new Health Affairs study showing that one-third of doctors refuse to accept new Medicaid patients. What’s especially interesting about the Health Affairs article is that it breaks down doctor acceptance rates by state. I’ve created a chart that maps out the state-by-state data (click to enlarge):

You’ll notice that there’s a meaningful correlation between states whose doctors don’t accept Medicaid patients, and states that pay doctors poorly:

My detailed analysis of the Health Affairs study is here at Forbes.

— Avik Roy is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the author of The Apothecary, the Forbes blog on health-care and entitlement reform. He is a member of Mitt Romney’s Health Care Policy Advisory Group. You can follow him on Twitter at @aviksaroy.

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