Run, James, Run

by Andrew Stuttaford

With David Cameron’s governing coalition looking more than a little shaky at the moment, an unwanted (and somewhat unnecessary) by-election [special election] in a constituency that the Tories will almost certainly lose is the last thing that Britain’s Conservatives want. But that’s what they’ve got in Corby.

This might make it an ideal by-election for the euroskeptics of UKIP (and the Conservatives who support much of what they stand for) to make themselves heard in a purely domestic setting, without handing a parliamentary seat to Labour (Labour will win the seat regardless)

Could the writer James Delingpole be the man to do just that?

Here he is, in the Daily Telegraph:

 If I stood – if they’d have me – it would have to be for [British euroskeptic party]  UKIP whose manifesto gels so perfectly with my own political values I might almost have written it myself.

 Until recently Nigel Farage used to describe UKIP as the “Conservative party in exile” and saw the party’s function mainly as the Tories’ conscience, to keep them on the straight and narrow. Over dinner the other night – no: we weren’t talking about my candidature – though, I discovered that his position had hardened. He now sees UKIP as a viable political party not just at the 2014 EU elections (when it will assuredly win the most seats) but also in the next few general elections here in Britain.

I totally understand his shift in thinking. Thanks to David Cameron, the Conservative party in Britain is dead in the water. There’s only one possible thing he could do to save it which is to fall on his sword before the next election and allow Boris Johnson or Gove to take the reins. But since he won’t – doing the decent thing has never really been Cameron’s schtick – Labour will certainly win the next election, if necessary in coalition with the Lib Dems who will then gerrymander the boundaries and tinker with the constitution to ensure that the Tories can never win a working majority again.

 Really, so totally unConservative have the Conservatives become in every way (apart from on education) I find it astonishing that any conservative could consider voting for them…..We need a new kind of politics in this country. None of the current three main parties is offering us any viable alternative to the doomed political “consensus” of statism, money-printing, overregulation, corporatism, banksterism, gag-making political correctness and environmental tyranny. UKIP, on the other hand, has something to offer everyone – both those on the traditional right and on the old left.

 Do I really want to be an MP? Probably not. Hateful job, hideous place – like a cross between a very minor public [private] school and a 70s Berni Inn, vile creepy people, long hours and (unless you’re say, Tim Yeo MP) crap money.

 Don’t hold back, James.

 Let’s just say he makes a few good points, except ,of course, for the gratuitous insult hurled at the Berni Inns of old. Splendid pIaces.  In a 70s way.

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