Looking at Obama’s Presidential Approval Ratings

by Peter Kirsanow

President Obama has been below 50 percent in Gallup’s weekly approval ratings for more than a year. The last time he hit 50 percent was the week of May 30, 2011. He’s hit 50 percent or higher in only five weeks over the last two years. His highest rating during that period was 51 percent, in the week of May 2, 2011.

President Obama’s present Gallup approval rating stands at 45 percent. The Gallup approval ratings for previous incumbents in August of an election year were as follows (percentage of popular vote received that year is in parentheses):

George W. Bush: 50 (50.7)

Bill Clinton: 56 (49.2)

George H.W. Bush: 38 (37.5)

Ronald Reagan: 54 (58.7)

Jimmy Carter: 32 (41) 

Jimmy Carter’s Gallup approval rating averaged 45.5 percent over his first term.  Thus far, Obama’s first-term average is 49 percent.

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