Whose ‘War’?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Our friend Jim Geraghty writes over in the Campaign Spot (which you are reading religiously, I trust) that the Romney religious-freedom ad this morning raises what might typically be an “incendiary” charge of a “war” here “on religion.” Jim makes the point that the “Be Not Afraid” ad relies on an opinion headline to support that claim. It does indeed. But it is also worth pointing out that it was Secretary Kathleen Sebelius herself, the mother of the HHS contraception-sterilization-abortion-inducing-drug “preventative services” mandate, who has used the war language (which I pointed out this morning here). As in: We, Obama administration and our “pro-choice” allies, are waging war on those backward-thinking religious folks. It’s also worth pointing out that the Romney campaign, with that ad, totally bucked conventional wisdom that insists that Romney and Republicans down-ticket should run far away from anything having to do with this particular mandate and so-called women’s issues. Instead, the campaign fought right back against the cynical “war on women” campaign rhetoric, in near-immediate response to the president’s disingenuous display withSandra Fluke introducing him in Denver this Wednesday. That’s always a good thing to see. And it is not the first time we have seen it.