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by NR Staff

From Special Report with Bret BaierThursday, August 9, 2012

On the pro-Obama ad linking Romney to the death of steelworker Joe Soptic’s wife by cancer:

This is about as scurrilous as an ad can be.

We hear about the war on women, the war on religion. The Obama campaign is waging a war on grammar. If you watch the guy’s ad he said, “I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he has done to anyone.”

Anyone. The phrase before that refers to the woman who passed away in 22 days. “Anyone” would refer to the person referred to in the phrase right before it. That’s the obvious meaning of [the ad].

But of course you hear [Bill] Burton [whose group is running the ad] say it would defy logic to imply there is a connection [between Romney and the dead woman]. This is the audacity of lying.

When Obama says, “if you have a business you didn’t build that,” he says: Oh no, that doesn’t refer (as it obviously would) to “if you have a business,” it’s [referring] to the sentence before that.

Look, this is plain language. The guy is saying [Romney] doesn’t realize what he has done to “anyone “– he’s talking about the woman.

And to link Romney to her death is almost beyond comprehension.

On Fox’s newest poll that shows Obama ahead 49-40:

 This poll is not a reflection of issues. It’s not about Iran and it isn’t even about the economy. You don’t have to have a PhD to see this is directly in response to the negative campaign against Romney. The key is the tripling of the gap among independents between Obama and Romney from four percent to 11.

But the key number here is favorable numbers. Romney’s have dropped by about five or six and the unfavorables have risen by five or six. That is the “Kill Romney” campaign, to quote a memo leaked in August of 2011.

And it is working. It is all about an attack on him, and they make him into Gordon Gecko who now, as we know, kills the wives of workers in his plants. And it is having an effect. There’s no question.

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