Radio Free Kudlow Returns!

by Jack Fowler

Prepare for the Ides of August by catching Larry on his syndicated Saturday radio show, which graces the airwaves of the US of A from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Eastern Time). On tomorrow’s program, Kudlow Magnus and his cabal of wise men — among them Senator Ron Johnson, NR’s own Bob Costa, Steve Moore, James Pethokoukis, Stephen Weiss, David Malpass, Phil Izzo, and Robert Rector — will be discussing a host of hot topics, including the conservatives push for Paul Ryan Veephood, liberals attacking Romney’s tax cut plan, and Obama’s attempt to gut welfare reform, while answering the big questions on everyone’s mind (Like: Is the economy stronger than we think? Or is the fiscal cliff a crusher? Will easy money Bernanke and Draghi keep driving stocks higher?), and much more. Check out Larry’s show locally (find a listing of all stations here), or listen via the web (here). Have a great weekend and keep repeating to yourself the Kudlow Rule: Free markets are the best path to prosperity!

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