Everyone Ready to Get to Business?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

What’s the one clear takeaway from the Paul Ryan pick? President Romney’s priority would be governing. That’s what the Ryan choice signifies. Ryan knows Washington in the best way — how to get things done there, giving the administration a tremendous advantage walking in. (It is a Cheney-like choice in that way. Romney does not have to rely on staff here, he has got a trusted adviser who knows the place from day one.) He knows and tackles the challenges before us. And he can clearly articulate all these things. This is a good, serious choice at a critical moment.

And at a time when the mainstream media has bought into the White House’s narrative about the religious-liberty fight on our hands, Ryan, a Catholic well-versed in Catholic social teaching, embodies exactly what we’re fighting for: the right to live our beliefs outside the walls of a church and not have them compartmentalized by government fiat. 

He’s also one the president has had to take seriously. Is there anyone not looking forward to the first vice-presidential debate?

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