Obama vs. Suburbs: A Life History

by Stanley Kurtz

One of the things I discovered while researching my new book, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, is that President Obama’s decidedly less-than-friendly relationship with America’s suburbs emerges in the earliest chapters of his life, and never disappears. Among other things, the book offers a reinterpretation of the president’s biography, focusing on Obama’s unhappy struggle with his inner-suburbanite. It turns out, for example, that some of the most famous episodes of Obama’s memoir, Dreams From my Father – hanging out with Marxist professors, getting converted by Jeremiah Wright, and others — turn around Obama’s vexed relationship with the suburbs. You’ll get a taste of what I mean in my latest piece, “How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities,” up now at Forbes.com.

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