The Real Racism in This Rotten Racist Country

by Mark Steyn

While Harry Reid & Co obsess about color, the world is silent about the all too real racism in solidly Democrat Washington State, where progressives celebrate every diversity but one – “Americans Demand Canadian-Free Shopping At Costco“:

Annoyed at parking problems and long lineups at the stateside Costco in Bellingham, Wa., some residents there have set up a Facebook page calling for American-only hours when they can shop Canadian-free.

“Them Canadians can be rude. The lines are crazy. We aren’t on a vacation and have an RV to hang out in like those Canadians,” the page states.

Plenty of Canadians, however, expressed outrage.One self-identified Canuck went so far as to report the page to Facebook administrators, saying it “clearly supports racism, harassment.”

Another, identified in his profile as Andre Rheaume, launched into an attack.

“It just comes down to flat broke … jealous americans that really can’t afford to go shopping anymore so they need to put the blame on Canadians where the economy is in much greater shape. Sour grapes I say! Here’s a loonie… go buy yourself a life (sic)!”

But Bellingham residents are sick of having to listen to pushy foreigners talking Canadian in a loud voice and waving their stupid-colored money around as if anybody knows what it is:

How do so many middle-aged Canadians get time off from work on weekdays?

We say we have a doctor’s appointment and we may be some time. Next?

A Canadian woman made a U-turn in front of me on Guide Meridian across all 4 lanes of traffic!

Yeah, baby! Street signs are for compliant, submissive American types not wild, crazy Vancouver housewives.

But local business leaders say they need Canadians to come here to do the shopping Americans won’t do:

Business leaders in Whatcom county responded quickly, denounced the page and insisted that the opinions posted there did not reflect the community at large. Moorlag called the page “unrealistic” in its expectations.

“I’ve heard some Americans say, ‘I just want to go to Costco and be by myself when I’m doing my shopping and not have to run into 18,000 people,’ ” he said. “But if [only a handful of people are] shopping in that store, it won’t be in business very long.”

Dodson also stressed the need for the county’s business community to dispel what he called “anti-Canadian” mentalities…

The President, meanwhile, has yet to say a word on this epidemic of Canuckophobia, too busy holding his Ramadan banquet to host a single stereotype-dispelling Victoria Day cook-out and massive storewide clear-out sale on the White House lawn.

UPDATE: The War of 1812 Redux? (You may get the impression that for some Bellingham residents “Canadian” is, as the professional race types say, a code word.)

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