What Rhymes With Incubus?

by Mark Krikorian

The “UndocuBus” is in Memphis today, on its way to the illegal-alien party’s national convention in Charlotte early next month. This is yet another farcical attempt by the open-borders crowd to hijack the symbols of the civil-rights struggle. I loved this line from the site: “Riding the bus alone is a great risk because of the checkpoints and profiling that has become so common.” Profiling? When you call the thing the UndocuBus and paint “No Papers, No Fear” on the side, you don’t need profiling — there’s more than enough “reasonable suspicion” that the bus is full of illegal aliens. Under the current management, ICE won’t do that, and if the state police did, not only would ICE not take them into custody, but Eric Holder would probably sue the state.

Nonetheless, I love that UndocuBus rhymes with incubus, given what illegal immigration is doing to our country. Also, William Shatner was in the movie Incubus. Speaking Esperanto.

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