Brown Targets Warren, Class-Warfare Rhetoric

by Betsy Woodruff

Senator Scott Brown directly targeted his liberal challenger, Elizabeth Warren, in a speech today at a South Shore Chamber of Commerce event. According to prepared remarks, he criticized Warren’s famous assertion: “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.”

My opponent says that no one succeeded on their own. She points to roads and bridges and government services we all use. But to downplay individual initiative as nothing more than a byproduct of big government is to fundamentally misunderstand our free enterprise system, and it is a backward view of who we are as Americans.

Government services don’t distinguish success from failure. However, they are a convenient excuse for politicians to take undue credit for the success that you create. 

Professor Warren’s twisted logic dictates that because businesspeople like you take advantage of government services, then you owe “a hunk” of their success back to the government in the form of higher taxes. Forget about the rather large “hunk” they already pay.

This philosophy is a dangerous one, and it turns the American Idea on its head. Because once you accept the premise that government is responsible for success, there is no limit to what you can justify taking because there is no restraining principle that says, “that is not mine to take.” That so-called “hunk” will get bigger and bigger.

Read the whole speech here.

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