N.Y. Poll: Hands Off Chick-fil-A

by Alexander Kazam

As John Fund noted on the Corner last week in a post admirably devoid of poultry puns, City Council speaker Christine Quinn has invested significant time and energy in urging NYU to get rid of its campus Chick-fil-A (a private chain in a private university’s food court).

But Quinn, the Democratic front-runner to succeed Bloomberg as mayor, might want to have a look at the results of this Quinnipiac poll: 82 percent of New York voters say that there should be no impact on the company’s ability to get permits, and 83 percent say elected officials shouldn’t try to discourage people from patronizing the company. The study concludes: “New Yorkers may disagree with what you say, but they will defend your right to sell chicken.”

Granted, this flap will probably not decide the 2013 election. But maybe the impending ban on big sodas has taught Gotham’s citizens a thing or two about the perks of laissez-faire.

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