Huge Victory for Women? Augusta National Accepts Women Members

by Carrie Lukas

It’s been a feminist cause célèbre for a decade: Augusta National Golf Club has finally changed its membership policy to allow female members. What a huge breakthrough for women! All the women who can’t find jobs, whose kids are trapped in lousy public schools, who are paying ever more for gas and groceries, and who are living in homes worth less than the mortgage will all wake up to brighter prospects . . .

Well, maybe not so much. This has always seemed a bizarre obsession of the feminist movement. Augusta National is a private organization that caters to a very exclusive, wealthy clientele.  Now it will cater to very wealthy, powerful women as well as men. That’s fair enough, and of course Augusta should be able to admit whomever it wishes, but I’m not sure why this should be trumpeted as a big victory for women.  

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