The Case for Talent

by Ramesh Ponnuru

If Akin does the right thing, who should replace him? Many people have been talking about his primary opponents, Sarah Steelman and John Brunner. At a time when party unity is imperative, however, does it make sense for the party to choose people who a) got less than a third of the primary vote and b) couldn’t beat the deeply flawed candidacy of Akin? I’m skeptical.

Under the circumstances, I’m inclined to think the GOP’s best potential candidate is former senator Jim Talent. He’s run statewide, with the support of almost all Missouri Republicans. Although he lost his seat in 2006, he did so narrowly in a terrible year for the party. If he runs against McCaskill now, he’ll win.

I know Talent doesn’t want to run. But I also don’t care what he wants. Draft Talent!

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