Jo Ann Emerson Floated as Akin Replacement

by Katrina Trinko

Another Missouri Republican consultant suggests that Representative Jo Ann Emerson, the Republican who has represented Missouri’s eighth district since 1996,  could be a top contender to replace Todd Akin if he quits. Her name has been making the rounds among party insiders, thanks in part to the fact that she’s currently the longest-serving House member in Missouri. Missouri GOP executive director Lloyd Smith used to be her chief-of-staff.

UPDATE: A colleague points out that Emerson is a member of the moderate-leaning Republican Main Street partnership, and generally less rightward than the three — Akin, Sarah Steelman, and John Brunner — who ran in the primary. Emerson’s American Conservative Union ranking for 2011 was 56, and for 2010 88; Akin’s ratings, in contrast, were 91.67 and 100 in those years respectively.

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