Cybersecurity Act of 2012

by Jack Fowler

It hasn’t passed Congress, and that has the president in a lather, but over at The Fiscal Times, Liz Peek writes that “he legislation he championed would not protect us.” Troubling stuff. More:

It calls for companies managing our power plants and stock exchanges to meet only minimal security standards while burdening those firms with costly compliance requirements. Moreover, it grants compliant organizations legal immunity in the event of an attack. In other words, companies would have arguably less incentive to truly protect our critical infrastructure than without the law. Passing the bill would have been another “checked box” for the White House and for Congress – nothing more.

Skeptics question whether the slow-moving federal government is capable of combating the invisible hydra-headed colony of Chinese or terrorist computer hackers constantly probing our computer networks. It’s like the British Redcoats during the Revolution, lining up in proper formation and firing off orchestrated volleys from their unwieldy rifles. They were no match for Colonial squirrel hunters darting between trees and refusing to play by the rules.

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