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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret BaierTuesday, August 21, 2012

On Todd Akin’s decision to not leave the race for the Senate in Missouri:

 I am just struck by how much in denial he is. In that clip we just played, he [admitted to] “putting a word out of order.” He thinks he made a grammatical mistake!

He is so far out — I mean, I`m not sure he really understands the gravity of what he has done. He probably thinks, I guess in his heart, that he just misspoke and, as he said, he didn`t do anything felonious himself…. But it isn`t as if he can`t still step down. Until September 25, he can. It requires a court order but way the law is written in Missouri, it`s almost automatic. So there is still a month to go. Whether he will or not, I don`t know. If he hasn`t up to now and still in denial and thinks it`s grammatical error, he may not.

But maybe putting a horse`s head in his bed — although I`m not sure he would even get the reference.

On the pro-life plank of the Republican Party’s platform that allows no exceptions for rape and incest:

That is why this [the Akin fiasco] is the worst. There is nothing new in the platform. This is how it`s always been in the Republican Party. I think that there are… two attitudes. You have Romney`s personal position, which is that you ought to make exceptions in the case of rape or incest. There are honorable people in the [Republican] party who believe otherwise….

I don`t think it causes rancor. I think each side understands and respects the other.

But you are absolutely right. Democrats are going to exploit this. They are going to make it into extremism. Akin, who everybody sort of ostracized in the Republican Party, will be heralded as the icon and representative of the party, which will be completely in tune with how Democrats distorted everything up to now in this election. So I`m not surprised. I guess if I were a Democrat and I didn`t have accomplishments in the four years, I would do the same.

On the impact of abortion on electoral politics:

What is remarkable, unlike the other social issues like gay marriage, where the country inexorably moves left on this — if you look at the polls on abortion, they are more pro-life. That is probably the result of technology, ultrasound and all that, which makes people sensitive in a way they weren`t before.

So it`s either a wash or generally overall in the election the pro-lifers have advantage in who affects the election more.

On the negative campaigning of the Democratic party this election cycle:

I think the Obama administration has decided it can`t run on its record. It`s not a good one. It can`t run on its accomplishments. If you go down the list, the things that they are proudest of —  Obamacare, the stimulus — is not something you run on. All of them are unpopular. Now it`s the “Kill Romney” campaign, as was the headline of a memo that was leaked in August last year.

So to summarize the campaign, it is the Obama campaign saying: “Mitt Romney will lay off your dad, kill your mother with cancer, deny your sister contraceptives, throw your son out of college, and if you`re African- American, ‘put y`all in chains.’”

“Are we going negative?” No, no, we are talking about issues…

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