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Veteran Affairs Spends $52,000 On Patton Parody


Representative Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee has been investigating wasteful spending by the Veteran Affairs office. In July and August of 2011, the VA held week-long conferences at the Marriott World Center in Orlando. The “Human Resources Conference 2011: Innovative Solutions for Strategic Workforce” cost taxpayers around $5 million. According to Representative Issa, “from that budget, $52,000 was allegedly spent to produce an 18-minute video starring a paid actor satirizing the opening scene from the movie Patton. Although the VA has videographers and editors on staff, the conference planners engaged a contractor to produce the video. An additional $84,000 was spent on promotional items such as branded pens, highlighters, hand sanitizers, and USB drives.”

Here is the $52,000 video. I would love to know where that money went, because it definitely wasn’t spent on finding a decent actor or improving the production value:


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