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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret BaierThursday, August 23, 2012

On Fox’s poll of likely voters that showed Romney-Ryan ahead of Obama-Biden 45-43:

I think it bodes well. Romney has been under assault by a campaign of negative ads unlike any seen in recent American history and he is now in a dead heat. He has also been husbanding his resources. He hasn’t spent nearly as much as Obama. He is husbanding it for the last couple of months of the campaign. As soon as he is nominated I think it frees up $160 million which he is going to unleash.

On Obama’s campaign ad in which Bill Clinton says Obama’s economic plans are just like his:

But the most interesting part of this is that Obama has been in office for four years and he’s running on the Clinton economy. I mean — this is embarrassing.

You know, you’re the president and all you can say is the last Democrat before I became president really knew how to run an economy. It’s like Eisenhower seeking re-election in ‘56 running on the Coolidge economy.

If there was an admission that Obama doesn’t have anything he can run on and that they are somewhat running scared is when you have to go back — what is it? a decade? — and say “look how he did, ignore the four years I’ve been in office and pretend it’s the Clinton re-election campaign.”

On whether Rand and Ron Paul will encourage their supporters to vote for Romney:

Rand himself is the future because Ron is a lot older. And I can’t see any way he would alienate a party of which he is a rising star by doing anything other than enthusiastically support Romney.

On media bias:

The media have always had this liberal slant — since the earth cooled. But what has happened is that with Obama it got completely out of hand. In 2008, the media was so much in the tank for Obama that they needed snorkels. Today they are slightly less wild-eyed because he hasn’t had exactly a stellar record and all of that hope and change stuff — and charisma and the rock star stuff — has worn off.

I think what animates the bias now is antipathy to Romney, conservative ideas, Ryan and all that — and the natural ideas that liberals have.

It isn’t only that the perception of the electorate is that the media are heavily supporting Obama, it’s the fact that if you look at all the polls of the elite media in Washington over decades the numbers are overwhelming. I remember a poll about eight or 10 years ago, 78 percent were Democrats, 11 percent were Republicans. That is an accurate reflection.

On Romney polling very close to Obama on his ability to preserve Medicare:

When you consider that the Democrats have owned the Medicare issue, ever since it was enacted in the mid-’60s, the fact that they’re roughly tied is a victory for the Republicans. It has the added effect of — once the Democrats have to talk about Medicare, the counterattack from Republicans is that Obamacare steals from the trust fund. So now, Democrats have to talk about Obamacare, which they tried not to because it’s so unpopular. So it actually has a double effect.

On which speech is the most important one during the Republican convention:

The Ann Romney speech is extremely important. It looks as if it’s going to be on a day in which the networks won’t cover it. They ought to change the day of that speech.

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