Political Parties and Hurricanes

by Jay Nordlinger

Four years ago, the Republican party was forced to cancel the first night of its convention, owing to a hurricane. The hurricane was not in Saint Paul, where the convention was. The hurricane was in the Gulf. But the Republicans didn’t want to be seen having a gay ol’ time with funny hats and so on while people, somewhere in America, were suffering. It was especially important that Republicans avoid an image of indifference because they had caused Hurricane Katrina three years before. It was President Bush’s particular purpose, in spearheading that hurricane, to harm black Americans.

This year, Day One has been canceled, and there has been talk that other days will have to be canceled too — if New Orleans and other places are to experience a second Katrina.

Okay, here’s a partisan, paranoid question: Would the Democrats be forced to cancel convention nights this year? Would they have been forced to cancel their first night in ’08? Or could they have proceeded, safe in the knowledge that the media would not tag them as heartless, indifferent, and callous?

If you want more partisan-paranoid questions, come to me anytime . . .

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