Muslim Brotherhood Promises Changes to Camp David Accords

by Nathaniel Botwinick

The deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Essam Al-Aryan, made several fascinating claims in a recent interview. According to him, the “global war on terror” is over, and one of its main purposes was to hassle everyone at airports. More importantly, Egypt’s new government is also planning on demanding changes to the Camp David Accords with Israel. Further, when he describes confronting Jimmy Carter about the accords’ supposed unfairness to Egyptian interests, Carter has an interesting defense, indicative of his reflexively anti-Israel stance:

During our meetings with former US President Carter, who visited Egypt two or three times in the past year and a half, we would blame him, saying: “You were the patron of the Camp David Accords, and therefore, you are responsible for our present tribulations.” He would say: “No, neither I nor the Accords are to blame.” “What, then, is the reason, Mr. President?” we would ask, and he would say: “It’s because President Mubarak was in bed with the Israelis.” He used this English expression, which means that he threw himself into the arms of the Israelis, and did not demand the things he was entitled to in the Accords.
(hat tip to MEMRI)

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