A True Word Spoken in Jest

by Mark Steyn

For every 99,999 “edgy” “transgressive” comedians  who claim that there are no jokes to be made about President Obama because he’s just that good, there’s one who’ll give it a go. This is from Andrew Ferguson’s review of James Fallows’ Obama apologia:

The book is worth a download for what it tells us about liberal disenchantment with President Obama—that is, how one of his sophisticated admirers perceives the president’s failure to reconcile his uninspiring presidency with the dizzying expectations he goosed them all into way back in 2008.

Fallows nicely illustrates this liberal consternation with a joke that the comedian Seth Meyers addressed to the president at a Washington ballroom dinner. This was in 2011, when even his most ardent admirers were beginning to wonder where the hell all that hope and change had got to.

“I’ll tell you who could definitely beat you,” Meyers said to Obama, referring to the upcoming election. “2008 Barack Obama. You would have loved him.”

I would like to have been in the room when that went down.

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