The Scarlet R, Cont.

by Jay Nordlinger

Speaking at the Republican convention, Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, said, “For four years, Barack Obama has been running from the nation’s problems. He hasn’t been working to earn reelection: He’s been working to earn a spot on the PGA Tour.” An MSNBC commentator said this was racist. Huh? Yeah. Because what McConnell was doing, you see, was associating Obama with “the lifestyle of Tiger Woods.” You may not have thought of this — but that’s why you don’t qualify to give commentary on MSNBC.

I mentioned all this in a post earlier today. And Neil Minkoff sent me a Thomas L. Friedman column from last year — a column entitled “Obama, Tiger, Golf and Politics.” In it, Friedman said of the president, “He’s Tiger Woods — a natural who’s lost his swing.”

Aha! So, is Friedman a racist? No — because he’s a liberal Democrat. And only Republicans are racists.

What if a Republican had said, during the 2008 primaries, that Obama was “the first mainstream African-American” candidate, and then described him as “articulate and bright and clean . . .”? Clean! Those words were Joe Biden’s.

What if a Republican had called Obama a “light-skinned” candidate “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”? That was Harry Reid.

What if a Republican had said Obama “couldn’t sell watermelons if you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic”? That was Dan Rather.

You get the picture — a sorry, pathetic picture.

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