Re: The Crack Hotels of the DNC

by Daniel Foster

John, I didn’t actually see the hotel where I was originally assigned. In fact, I went through three hotel reservations in the space of six hours after landing in Charlotte. None of them by request, mind you, but all due to the tireless work of NR support staff (some of whom were on vacation). At the end of the day — literally and figuratively — I told them to call the whole thing off and stayed with friends in town.

But I feel the need to append your post with a minor correction. One hearty NRnik elected to stay in his original assignment. I know this because I went to visit his hotel motel to drop off his press credentials.

And I can report that Kevin Williamson commands the heights of his Knights Inn, is dug-in and well-provisioned, and is prepared to use his position as a base of operations for the duration of the week. 

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