What Is Bill Clinton Really Thinking?

by Mona Charen

Oh the layers upon layers of complexity in the Clinton-Obama relationship. Here’s a story mentioning that a Clinton aide plans to vote for Romney — not because he wants the Republican to win, but because it then sets up Hillary as the undisputed leader of the Democratic party in 2016. 

Even if you take that account with a grain of salt, it does touch on the complicated, even tortured, relationship between the Clintons and Obama. Clinton’s passive aggression toward BHO has been on display for the past four years, but especially in the last few months, when he has “slipped” and told interviewers, for example, that Romney had a “sterling” career as a businessman, just when the Obama narrative was that Romney was a barracuda.

Clinton’s speech should be an interesting threading of a needle. It has to be good to keep Bill in good odor with the party, but from Clinton’s perspective, if the speech does more to remind people of how great Clinton was and less to emphasize how great Obama is, that’s all to the good. 

In today’s column, I address Clinton’s economic and fiscal success and conclude it was the result of listening to the voters and following the lead of the Republicans in Congress — exactly the reverse of what Obama has done. 

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