The Creepy Cadres of Feminism

by Jonah Goldberg

Early this morning I did a segment on Fox & Friends at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Next to the plaza where the Fox set is there’s a stage and riser with a huge Planned Parenthood banner hanging across the top. It features the slogan “Women are Watching” with the “o” in women done up to look like an eye, with properly attended to eyelashes. Bookending that Orwellian slogan: “Yes We Plan 2012 DNC” (at first I thought the 0 in 2012 was the Obama circle, but looking at the picture it doesn’t appear to be. Maybe it’s a birth-control pill?).

Anyway, if you use the sort of infinitely malleable logic and paranoia that allows MSNBC to confidently say that “Chicago” is code for black, then this creepy Eye of Ms. Sauron with the peppy technocratic phrase “Yes We Plan!” is a bottomless well of fodder. 

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