‘Four More Years’?

by Jonah Goldberg

It’s just a hunch — my sources inside the Obama campaign are, er, limited — but I wouldn’t be surprised if the order has gone forth that there shouldn’t be any “Four More Years!” chants, which are the norm at conventions for incumbents seeking reelection. It just provides a perfect audio backdrop for a slew of Romney ads. Besides, my guess is that even a majority of Obama supporters don’t want four more years of this

If there are no “Four More Years!” chants, I hope the White House press corps asks about it. In fact, I hope Team Obama gets asked about it beforehand, just to heighten the contradictions, as Lenin might say. Heck, it’s a good cable-news discussion topic (hint! hint!): “Will the Democratic delegates chant ‘Four More Years!’ and will that show how out of touch they are?”

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