Tutu, Always and Again

by Jay Nordlinger

In a post below, I spoke of one disgraceful Nobel laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei. Another is Desmond Tutu — who has just called for George W. Bush and Tony Blair to be tried at The Hague as war criminals. (For an Associated Press story, go here.)

Tutu does this kind of thing. His moral sense can go badly awry. During the Iraq War, he said, “God is weeping. God is weeping. God is weeping because — one of the incredible things, I mean, is that Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, George Bush are all God’s children. And as God says, ‘What ever got into Me to create that lot?’”

It’s bad enough when Tutu speaks for himself. (You noted, of course, his casual grouping of the American president with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.) (And you should hear him on “the Jewish lobby”!) When he claims to speak for God, he is doubly intolerable.

Of course, there are others who want Bush and Blair tried at The Hague, including some conservatives — prominent among them the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. BoJo is one of the world’s most talented people, and one of the most delightful, but his moral sense can go as awry as Tutu’s, or more so.

A final word about the archbishop (that would be Tutu, not Johnson): He deserved his Nobel Peace Prize, I think. He advocated a nonviolent path in South Africa. True, he excused the men of the gun and the bomb, in so many words. But still: An advocacy of nonviolence, in that time and place, took guts.

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