Occupy Charlotte

by Daniel Foster

On Sunday, while attempting to locate the curtained, landlocked cubicle deep in the bowels of the Charlotte Convention Center where the DNCC has parked NR’s workspace, I ran smack dab into the middle of an Occupy Charlotte protest. I took photographs for your enjoyment.

This was a big theme of the rally — boycotting the vote, and the two-party system. Remember, a goodly number of these people voted Obama in ‘08.

Variations on the above theme, plus the helpful suggestion to “TAX the RICH.”

The obligatory Israel-bashing, pseudo-scientism (the other side of the sign said “Let Science Lead!”), and anti-electoral college shout-outs, plus the vague assertion of a nexus between breasts and drone strikes (both are awesome, maybe?)

You’ll note that the if you didn’t have capitalism, you wouldn’t have any “bankster” plutocrats to tax.

More ire to Obama’s left. Also, the sign on the right raises an interesting question. Why hasnt anyone tried socialism yet?

Not all of the protestors had such grand ambitions. Here, a more parochial concern.

More Israel bashing.

A not-half-bad papier-mâché drone. Didn’t get a chance to ask him what the scale is.

How many can you name?

My favorite sign, which I saw while driving past the nearby park where the Occupiers are erecting their trademark rape-tent city, was hand-painted on a whitish sheet, and read in desperate lettering: “FOOD DONATIONS NEEDED.”

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