Tweet-Saving Europe

by Jack Fowler

The infamous Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, was busy tweeting bromides and claptrap this morning, trying to stem the panic caused by the failing policies of . . . the European Council!

True, we are still not at the end of the road. But I am convinced we will get there @conference EU Heads of Delegation

There is no single answer. Just as there is no easy fix.

There is a genuine willingness amongst EU leaders to address the systemic nature of the crisis. To finish a house half-built.

I talked with many EU leaders in the past days & weeks & can confirm their political will

The choice isn’t between a break-up or instant federation. Europe works through reform & evolution not revolution.

There is now much more convergence on economic developments and policies than two years ago.

Risk premiums for some countries are not always justified by their economic fundamentals.

I fully support #ECB endeavour, outlining a series of possible actions to deal with the fragmentation in financial markets.

Get the hook! Meanwhile, the European Parliament has been shut down, which may be a good thing, says the Cassandra of the UK, Nigel Farage.

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