Going Ape

by Mark Steyn

Before the Democratic convention gets into its second trimester — whoops, I mean second day — many readers have asked me how Michael Mann’s lawsuit is shaping up. As you know, Dr. Mann has threatened to sue National Review over a Corner post of mine about his famous “hockey stick” graph.

I don’t really have anything terribly new to add, other than that I’m looking forward to it. So I’ll point you to some other commentary on the forthcoming trial of the century. From the New York Times:

For Climate Change, A Possible Trial Could Echo The Scopes Monkey Case

Up to a point, says the St. John’s Telegram of Newfoundland & Labrador:

The Only Monkey In This Trial Will Be Mark Steyn

Oh, dear. Speaking of animals, several bloggers note that Dr. Mann’s lawyer’s last celebrity client was Joe Camel – the tobacco industry’s anthropomorphized dromedary. By “anthropomorphized dromedary,” I mean they put him in a suit and got rid of the hump — in much the same way that the “hockey stick” graph got rid of the hump of the Medieval Warm Period.

Coincidence? Hmm.

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