Sister Act Takes the DNC

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Sister Simone Campbell just gave this administration — most radical when it comes to the lives of the most innocent — “pro-life” cover (she used the word), attacking Paul Ryan’s budget, as she has, as cruel, instead of a prudential exercise in the application of moral principles and responsibility (see Cardinal Dolan, or Paul Ryan’s own bishop). But earlier today Sister Simone said that abortion legislation is “beyond” her ”pay grade.”

And this is how we wind up with a president like Barack Obama (who has said that when life begins is above his pay grade, and yet doesn’t recognize the religious freedom of a Cardinal Dolan, or Evangelical Wheaton College, to run his own faith-based organizations as he and his church believe). Bad catechesis. The miseducation of a generation. 

We can do better. And I think we’re on the verge of it

It’s sure worth a prayer.

By the way: This is a Catholic religious sister — former Ivy League professor — on the issue of religious freedom. A must-read. And it’s not a political convention speech. It’s much more important than that. 

And do notice the sister who wasn’t there

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