Sandra Fluke

by Jay Nordlinger

I believe it says something creepy about America that she is famous — famous and adored. (She is pretty, true.) Her shtick is, “Other people should pay for my birth control, even if it violates their conscience,” right? What a strange Joan of Arc she makes.

She conjured up an absolutely hellish future in which — people don’t pay for other people’s birth control. Even if you think birth control is the greatest thing on earth: Isn’t it a weird idea of hell that other people don’t pay for your birth control?

Is it not an indictment of American education that such attitudes are formed here? That people are actually taught to think that way?

As I was listening to Sandra Fluke, I thought, “The ultimate spokesman for the hook-up culture.” But then came Bill Clinton, later on . . .

One of the creepiest lines of her very creepy speech was the one that dreamed of an America “in which we decide when to start our families.” What the hell is stopping you now, sister?

She acted like it was a crime equivalent to the Holocaust that she has been “verbally attacked” for her views — her public advocacy. Goodness, I’m “verbally attacked” every day, and why not? Why is Sandra Fluke so sacrosanct?

I thought of a fairly recent expression: “Get over yourself.”

When I saw the great and the good rise to their feet in admiration for the gibberish this woman was speaking — her moral nonsense — I felt almost physically sick. I’m talking about Joe Biden, Michelle Obama . . . These are people with considerable power in our country. And this is what’s in their hearts and minds? It is.

A rude question: If Sandra Fluke were fat and pimply, would she be famous, a national political star? A prime-time speaker at the Democratic convention? Oh, come now . . .

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