Back in the Real World

by Andrew Stuttaford

While, to quote Die Welt, “financial markets cheer the death of the Bundesbank” (a death announcement, I suspect, that may yet turn out to be premature), Bloomberg News has a possibly more realistic omen of what lies ahead:

Greece’s anti-bailout Syriza party, the runner-up in June’s elections, would win if a vote were held today, a VPRC poll for Greece Tomorrow newspaper showed. Syriza had 30 percent support in the survey, compared with 28 percent for New Democracy, the largest party in the coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, according to an e-mailed preview of the poll to be published in tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper. Socialist Pasok and Democratic Left, the other two parties in the coalition, had 7.5 percent and 4 percent support respectively. The nationalist Golden Dawn party, which was elected to parliament for the first time in the last election, would garner 12 percent support, making it the third-largest party in parliament, rising from fifth place in the assembly’s current make-up…

As a reminder, there’s more than a touch of Chavez about Syriza, there’s more than a touch of the jackboot about Golden Dawn, and there’s more than a touch of lunacy about the euro.

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