Bon Mot du Jour

by Jay Nordlinger

In my notes on Elizabeth Warren a couple of days ago, I mocked her for mocking Mitt Romney. Remember what she did?

Last summer — August 2011 — Romney was campaigning at the Iowa State Fair. He was talking about shoring up entitlements. He said you could raise taxes on people, as one option. A protester — an “Occupy” type — shouted, “Corporations!” He meant that taxes should be raised on corporations, not people. Romney said, “Corporations are people, my friend.” He calmly explained why.

You can see the exchange here. I think Romney ought to be president for this exchange alone. He is polite, friendly, cheerful, and reasonable. Also somewhat brave: because, for decades, Hollywood and our other teachers have taught us that corporations are Very Bad.

In her convention address, Elizabeth Warren mocked Romney mercilessly, melodramatically, and stupidly. She is an “Occupy” type, just much cleaner than the average. Corporations can’t possibly be people! she said. They don’t “have hearts,” “get sick,” “cry,” “dance,” etc.

A friend of mine e-mails me, “Since corporations aren’t people, does that mean they can’t be greedy?”

Perfect. I hope the Left will remember that, from now on. Under the Warren Theory — formulated by a Warren Commission? — corporations can’t be greedy. “Corporate greed” must disappear from the vocabulary. Hurrah!

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