U.S. Handing Bagram Back to Afghanistan

by Nathaniel Botwinick

The United States’ prison in Bagram, Afghanistan, has been returned to the Afghans:

The US military has handed control of a controversial prison housing more than 3,000 Taliban fighters and terrorism suspects to the Afghan authorities. In a small ceremony, Afghan officials said inmates had been transferred to their authority. The move is part of a deal to transfer all Afghan prisons back to local control ahead of the withdrawal of NATO forces at the end of 2014.

However, the transfer of the prison is fraught with complications: The U.S. military is worried that certain high-value detainees and foreign nationals will be released by Afghanistan’s government, and is insisting on the right to run a section of the prison for these detainees. As the U.S. government has found with Guantanamo, there are certain captured terrorists who simply cannot be released. While the administration may believe that the “War on Terror” is over, the remnants of the conflict are not going to disappear. 

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