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by NRO Staff

From Special Report with Bret BaierMonday, September 10, 2012

On the state of the race:

 Romney has the money. He also has the capacity — as he showed in those primary debates– to rise to the occasion and win. That is still out there and possible.

The problem for Romney is that there were only four events [that] could change the course [of the race]: the three debates and the conventions, and he apparently squandered the first. …

They had an opportunity, particularly in the last night of the convention, which ended up as a strange night. The big problem that Romney has… is the empathy gap. The reason that Obama is still in the race is because everybody thinks he cares. That word appeared 1,000 times in the Democratic convention. And they were trying to show it [of Romney] in Tampa. They had some wonderful character witnesses who didn’t show up in [the] crucial 10:00 hour. Instead you had the Clint Eastwood show that monopolized all the water cooler discussion for three days. That’s a tactical error and that’s an opportunity that is.

But I agree, this is still essentially a dead heat…. And now he has three chances in the debates to show (a) he has got large ideas, and (b) that he cares. I think he is a guy who does and he should be able to show it.

On the unflattering portrayal of President Obama’s leadership skills in Bob Woodward’s new book, The Price of Politics:

This is a man who does not lack for self-regard, but he surely lacks for managerial and negotiating skills, which he doesn’t have, which is not surprising since he never had any of those challenges whatsoever in his life up until then. He never ran so much as a candy store. Here he had to run a presidency and had to negotiate a tough deal that could have been done, and he failed.

On the Chicago teachers’ union strike:

Look at where the balance of equities is here:

The teachers average $76,000 a year in their salary. That is the highest of any big city in the country.

Second, the average person who pays their salary, the person who pays taxes in Chicago [has an] average salary is $47,000. Teachers are making 50 percent more than those who support them, on average.

They have been offered a 16 percent hike in wages at a time of high unemployment, desperation. And they turn it down. Why? Because they don’t want any tampering with their health benefits, and they don’t want any system of teacher evaluation so you can get some idea of who is not a good teacher, [so that] you can actually weed them out before they destroy the life of the children in their class. …

And Democrats, like the president, have a hard time standing up for this. They grab a position of studied neutrality [which] shows you how much hostage of these unions they are.

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