The ‘Paul Ryan Is a Lady Killer’ Campaign

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This morning I mentioned Cardinal Dolan’s response to Nancy Pelosi’s dismissal of the conscience concerns that drive some of us to drone on about religious liberty, a right that is considered a historical artifact — and its defenders reactionaries — by some who run our federal government. In the interview where she talked about that “conscience thing,” she wrapped her argument around a particularly crass point about a supposed “‘Let Women Die’ Act” that demonstrates her grossly caricatured view of the pro-life movement and anyone concerned with the rights of the unborn. Sandra Fluke, of course, brought this same legislation up in her prime-time convention speech, connecting it to Paul Ryan’s vote for the Protect Life Act (the actual legislative title). In my syndicated column this week, I shed some light on what Dems are talking about and how it’s just one more untrue thing to scare single women back to their extremist fold.

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