One Consequence of a Romney Victory

by Jay Nordlinger

In the last two days, I’ve read many posts — including on our site, of course — about the press: A lot of reporters have focused more on Mitt Romney’s response to events in Egypt and Libya than on the events themselves, or what the Obama administration has been doing. These reporters want people to believe that Romney has acted dishonorably. I believe the opposite: that he has acted honorably and admirably. This post by Jennifer Rubin, I second.

And here’s a thought for you: One consequence of a Romney victory would be the return of the adversarial press. For eight years, the press was in full cry against President George W. Bush. For the four years since then — a bit quieter, wouldn’t you say? If Romney becomes president, we’ll have them back, the adversarial press.

And their cries will be music to my ears. No Republican presidency, no cries.

Remember how the press covered Romney’s trip to Britain, Poland, and Israel? That’s how it would be, during a Romney presidency: everything spun as negatively and damningly as possible. It would be well worth it.

P.S. If a Republican president had jetted off to Vegas in the midst of this, as Obama did? Oh, man — Cry City.

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