Ally, Enemy, or None of the Above?

by Victor Davis Hanson

If the president does not consider Egypt either an ally or an enemy, it is perhaps best to hold off on the $1 billion-plus aid package until he can determine which, of any category, it belongs in. In the meantime, given Mr. Morsi’s failure to protect the embassy of his American diplomatic guests (odd, given that America offered sanctuary to Morsi when he sought freedom and education that he apparently could not find in his homeland), and his constant citation of a crackpot video of a private American citizen, we should quietly go ahead and curtail aid to Mr. Morsi, call in the visas of all Egyptian nationals, prohibit travel there by American citizens, bring home our ambassador for consultation, ask their ambassador to leave Washington — at least until we can clarify what sort of state we are supposed to be subsidizing. The subtext to Morsi’s constant referencing of a silly video by a private citizen is our director of national intelligence’s declaration that his Muslim Brotherhood government is really “secular.”

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