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A Clash of Civilizations?


Scary headline, but it looks a lot like that today:

Via Deutsche Welle:

Sudanese police have used tear gas against protestors at the German embassy in Khartoum in an attempt to quell outrage over an anti-Islam film.  Sudan’s police force fired tear gas on Friday in a bid to stop more than 5,000 demonstrators protesting against an anti-Islam film from storming the German and British embassies. Protestors threw stones at the two neighboring embassies in Khartoum before they stormed the main gates of the German embassy. They attacked its facade and tore down the flag, replacing it with a black Islamic one before torching the building, one witness said.

So the Germans and the Brits are to “blame” for a  privately-produced movie made in America.  Pathetic. And telling.

Reuters updates:

Sudanese demonstrators on Friday stormed the German embassy in Khartoum and raised an Islamic flag above the mission during a protest against a U.S.-made film Muslims regard as denigrating Islam, a Reuters witness said.

But adds:

It was not immediately clear why European missions were being targeted.

Not immediately clear? Well, not if you are wearing rather large ideological blinkers, I suppose.