For Cogency

by Rich Lowry

Mona, Good points. I think the key one is that Romney has to make arguments. Neither being a nice guy who’s not Obama, nor being tactically aggressive from day-to-day are enough (although both are important). He has to be cogent. Take this week: the Romney campaign has waged a two-day war defending its brief statement from Tuesday night, but we still don’t know if he’s going to give a speech on his contrasting Middle East vision in light of the current crisis. Charles Krauthammer the other night referred to it as “connecting the dots,” which is the same phrase a friend used to me the day before on what he thinks Romney has to do with his health-care policy. It’s all kind of there, but its never been quite put together. (It still amazes me that Romney didn’t give a health-care speech after the Obamacare decision.) This is one of the reasons why Romney is an articulate man who so far is not proving a very good communicator.

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