True the Vote

by Mark Krikorian

This Monday, the New York Times devoted a 3,000-word front-page story to mocking concerns over voter fraud. Serendipitously, my colleague W. D. Reasoner has authored a report on state efforts to protect the voting rights of citizens by preventing non-citizens from voting, including a number of recommendations. I saw up close how serious the problem of ballot integrity is just this weekend, when I was out door-knocking with voter-registration lists — at least one of the registered voters listed hadn’t lived at that address for decades.

Of course, NROniks John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky have a whole chapter on non-citizen voting in their fine new book, Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk. They’ve gotten a fair bit of attention for the book, but neither of them seems to have engaged in the level of shameless self-promotion here at NRO that’s necessary to move product (though Fund’s done JJM’s “Between the Covers” podcast), so I’ll do it for them. Kathryn or whoever’s bailiwick this is — is there a Q&A coming up with the authors?

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