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Progress (Not Che Guevara’s Kind)


It’s been raining Che lately. Well, actually, it’s been raining Che every day since the 1960s, when the New Left made the old butcher a pin-up. The thing about the New Left? It turned out to be a lot like the Old Left, the Bolshevik-supporting one. If you’d like to see this laid out in amazing, undeniable detail, consult the voluminous writings of David Horowitz.

Two days ago, John Fund wrote about Che-celebration at the Environmental Protection Agency. I chimed in with various other notes about Che-celebration. Now Thor Halvorssen, the invaluable and indefatigable leader of the Human Rights Foundation, has written an open letter to Urban Outfitters — which glorifies Che in its wear, as everyone else does.

The Che myth is deeply, deeply entrenched. It seems well-nigh unbudgeable. But, I don’t know: Over the years, we may be able to move it an inch or two.