The (Other) N-Word

by Jay Nordlinger

I’d like to share with you a letter from a reader who grew up in Ann Arbor and now lives in an Ann Arbor with better food and prettier girls: Austin. (It also has a capitol dome.) He is responding to Impromptus today, which opens with an item about how liberals call conservatives Nazis (while speaking much more delicately about Nazi-like people such as Baathists):

It was the name-calling phenomenon, and the all the hostility that went with it, that drove me out of liberalism. They wanted the government to have ever more control. They wanted to impose their own will on others. Conservatives stood for more individual autonomy and for limited constitutional government. So who got called the Nazis? Totally Ann Arbor.

Totally true.

P.S. Another reader sends me a letter about an item concerning New York. The first sentence has so much charm, how could I keep it to myself? “Back in ought-68 I attended a Western Electric (RIP) programming class up on Columbus Circle (where I saw my first homeless person and my first bra-less female).”

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